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Uncontested Divorces and Separation Agreements

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Family law cases are unpredictable, and for that reason it is difficult to provide an estimate as to the cost. However, for straight-forward, uncontested divorces where both parties are amicable, Patersons LLP offers a flat-fee option.

As well, we offer a flat fee for those needing an uncontested Separation Agreement in addition to, or instead of, a divorce.

“Uncontested” means that both spouses are in agreement with all of the specific terms of settlement and want to work cooperatively to have their Separation Agreement prepared and signed, and/or their divorce granted by a Judge and all negotiations are complete.

To determine whether or not your file would fall under the "uncontested" category, you will need to make a consultation appointment with one of our lawyers where by one of our lawyers will review the facts of the case and make sure it is uncontested, straight-forward and consistent with the law. If it is determined that your file would qualify then the flat fee would include the initial meeting with a lawyer to review the documents, discuss the law and answer questions.

Please note that only one spouse can be our client. We cannot provide legal advice to either if both spouses hire us. Each spouse should have their own independent legal advice. The flat fee does not include real estate work (changing title to a house, re-financing a mortgage). For a quote on matters involving real estate work, please call our office.

If you would think a flat-fee divorce or Separation Agreement might be right for you, please call our office or send us an email at and provide your full name and telephone number, as well as the best time for us to telephone you.


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